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Funding and Fundraising


Startups who have validated the business model and looking to raise funds for scale.

- Startups who are working in sectors like agriculture & allied activities, healthcare, clean energy, skills & education, livelihood, craft, water and impacting lives of the low-income population of India.
- Startups who are seeking for incubation funding and rigorous mentoring support to validate the business model.
- Startups who have crossed the prototype stage and penetrating the market for the customer or ready to penetrate the market.
- For-profit organizations.
- Full-time entrepreneurs.
- Funding support available up to INR 25 lakhs in form of equity or loan.


For startups who does not fit into INVENT program and seeking fund raising from angels/seed funds/venture debt/VCs. Startups will be charged 2% fee on successful fund raise.