Are you an women entrepreneur currently involved in your own Startup or looking to start and need guidance and support. We have multiple programs that you can apply for from the list below-



An incubation and acceleration program for Women Entrepreneurs from Rajasthan. The program supports early stage Women entrepreneurs with a 7 month long incubation program and includes knowledge building workshops, personalized mentoring and fundraising opportunities.


Innocity program is to support Technology and Impact Startups through a 4 month accelerator designed to support startups with mentoring by business and technology experts; fund raising opportunities through Innocity Pitch and other angel investors. startup journey.


The program has been launched to support EdTech and SkillTech startups which are supporting youth in the age group of 15-24 years. It includes funding of upto Rs35 Lacs, business model improvement workshops, one on one mentoring and portfolio management for further fund raising.

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